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Making the Purple & Peach Club Mask



DISCLAIMER: Any information on our website, including but not limited to blog posts, is only meant for your general reference and should not be taken as medical advice. Our mask design was created after researching what the CDC and other health professionals recommended for masks intended for personal use, however, we cannot claim any expertise in any medical field. 

   When masks became a required part of daily life, a few glaring flaws in the design of some of them were quickly made apparent. The result of wearing something all day: you find out just how uncomfortable it is. 

    It's a discomfort many are willing to put up with, if it means protecting themselves, their loved ones and their community. But after spending a month with masks that kept falling or were too tight, we couldn't help wondering if there was an easier way to stay safe. 

    Being a designer, my sister was quick to make her own mask pattern, but found it was harder than it seems. She wanted a mask that would fit snug but not tight, be easy to breathe through but still give protection. She enlisted my help with testing each design for comfort and practicality. We tried on a prototype of each mask ourselves, taking note of whether the mask had any gaps and how it responded to talking or moving. Once we had a design for a mask that fit to our liking, we added a flexible wire to the part of the mask that rests on the nose bridge and an adjuster to each ear strap, so that the snugness of the mask could be changed to preference. Now, all that was left was choosing which material to use.

    Upon researching other mask designs, we found that not all materials are equally successful at filtering. After comparing and reading about different materials, we decided to use two layers of cotton fabric. Masks made with cotton or cotton hybrids have been proven to be more effective than masks made with other fabrics, especially when having multiple layers (see our post: Why your mask matters for more information about the research backing up the effectiveness of cotton masks).  

    Our final design was exactly the kind of mask we had always wanted. Not only was it comfortable and adaptable, the colorful cotton prints we chose made wearing a mask something that could be fun and personalized. Somewhere along the way we came to a realization about our casual little experiment: we wanted to share it with everyone. 

    Creating Purple & Peach Club and being able to share our vision is something we couldn't be more excited about. But above all, we hope for others to have as much fun wearing our masks as we had making them.