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How to Get the Most Out of Your Cloth Mask


DISCLAIMER: Any information on our website, including but not limited to blog posts, is only meant for your general reference and should not be taken as medical advice. Our mask design was created after researching what the CDC and other health professionals recommended for masks intended for personal use, however, we cannot claim any expertise in any medical field. 

   Cloth masks are a great way to help the environment. Unlike disposable masks, they can be washed and reused as many times as needed, reducing the amount of plastic waste you produce. However, they can lose their shape over time and use, and can be significantly less effective at protecting if not washed properly.  

   The CDC recommends washing a cloth mask after each use, either by hand or in a washing machine. This may sound a bit exhausting, but it's important to do in order to keep your mask as clean as possible. Having more than one cloth mask makes it easier to always have a clean mask available. Now, when it comes to keeping your mask both clean and presentable, the care process you use to wash your mask can mean a big difference. 

  Although tossing your mask in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry is enough to keep it sanitized, it might start to look funny after a few washes. Machine washing your mask at a gentle cycle or within a mesh laundry bag can help it maintain its shape. Washing it by hand would help even more in this respect. Using hot water, bleach, or fabric softener could also deform the fabric and ruin the print.

  After you've washed your mask, leaving it to hang dry- preferably where the sun can hit the mask directly- is also helpful in keeping your mask neat. Make sure the mask is completely dry before using it again. To make your mask look its best, you can also iron it before wearing, taking care to avoid parts of the mask that might melt, such as the ear straps or the logo.

  Regardless of its appearance, a clean mask will keep you and your community much safer than an unwashed one. Remember to wash your cloth mask regularly, but don't be afraid to express your personality with it. Having a colorful and unique mask can brighten your day, and keeping it in good shape is worth it. During these stressful times, it's wonderful when wearing a mask can bring a little joy.